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The story and characters are really cute, but the game took me way longer to finish than it should have. It kept crashing unexpectedly, and almost every save point I started from wouldn't load correctly, so I had to go back to the beginning a bunch of times. Overall it took more than two hours to complete, and I only did the romance route with Rust, as well as three other endings where you don't end up with anyone. If I hadn't needed to start over so many times it would have been finished much quicker. I don't think it's a problem with my computer or itch, because none of the other games I've played on here so far have had any issues.

I love the artwork! I wrote about it some in my blog also:


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Aah, really great game!

Since I don't usually play BxG, I did only the boys' routes, but I've still enjoyed it a lot. The art style is very unique and fits the mood and the characters perfectly, and even though very vibrant colors are not my thing, it really looks nice with this art style and story.

Did Ash's route first, and he's really the kind of characters I like seeing in that type of game. But then I did Rust's route, and oh dear, I love it so much! I can't say wich one is my favorite, to be honest!

Though I must say it's the very first time I see a work of fiction that depicts PTSD and IS NOT something in a modern Earth setting - it was actually very interesting to see!

Now, onto little things I think could be improved!

Well, first off, it would be really nice to be able to access basic options outright from the main screen, instead of having to get into a menu - like save, load, skip and preferences/options. Yeah, I also mean it would be nice to actually have a preferences menu. I'd love to be able to change the music volume for example. I had issues with it, by the way. It was very soft at the beginning, then super loud when loading the game, then again very soft and so on.

I'd also love a gallery menu for the CGs. Even if you only have one CG per route, it's always nice to see these anytime you want. I usually have tons of save slots so I can see my favorite moments of a game again and again, so having or not a gallery isn't a big deal (though I always like to have it), but with only a few avaible save slots, I can't really do that, unfortunately.

Now, my main issue was unfortunately that the game was made with Tyranobuilder or something similar, right? It seems tyrano-games are very unstable, or at least none of my two current computers AND my previous one can make them work properly, so it was a massive ordeal to play, and I even had to go through a total crash of my computer, after getting the game to break entirely. Basically, after I did Ash's route and started a new game, once I've reached the chapter where you go to pester all of the other characters, Wysp was going to get dinner after only one scene (the first one I went to see, opposite to the first time I've played where I saw them all), and then I was locked on Ash's route, even after doing only Rust-related scenes and choices. Aaand the game was crashing when skipping. It ended up breaking so badly and making my computer lag so much I had to restart, and then I had that massive crash. At least I was able to finish the game once I've managed to restart.

So yeah, about that last point, I don't know if you can really do something about it or not, like optimizing the game better or something... I figured I'd say it anyway just in case, but if you can't help it well... that's okay, I still can make it work more or less. I always had issues with tyrano-games, but since it was worse than the usual I wanted to point it out.

Oh, and sorry if my comment seems awkward at some points - english isn't my native language, and sometimes it makes my wording weird.

Well, sorry for ending it on a sour note, I hope that's okay? As I've said, I understand if you can't do anything about that last point, and the game was still great and so cute!

Thank you for making it!


cute game!

Rusty was my favorite character! His character design was gorgeous and his ending was really sweet <3

i have a few suggestions, if that'd be alright!

-maybe add in a skip feature because it can be rather tiresome having to click all the way through things you've played (common route stuff) to play someone's route (i did that so many times i lost count and i was pretty tired by the end of it haha)

-also maybe you could add in the option to back scroll with text? i ended up accidentally missing dialogue a lot and i really didn't want to have to start all over to read the text in case i didn't end up saving right before that point

-also it'd be awesome if we were able to lower/mute the music because i like to listen to other songs when i play games and it was tough to do that because i had no way to mute the music

these are just some suggestions i wanted to offer in case you were looking for any!

anyways, i liked the game. the characters were cute and i just cannot get over how gorgeous Rusty's character design was the colors complimented each other so well lol!!

have a wonderful day!

Super psyched you enjoyed it so much, and Rusty in particular.

We loved our short grumpy little guard too.XD

And your suggestions will definitely be taken into consideration for future games, we're getting into the nitty gritty of the tyranobuildercode.

While rereading to spot mistakes, we ended up having to replay routes over and over again as well, and while the fast-forward function is nice, you definitely have a point with actually needing a skip button.

My partner on this project also mentioned that after reading your comment, while doing these fast-forwards, she ended up missing a few bits of text that she had to reread in several other playthroughs, so that we definitely will have to look into as well in future games.

For the music it's also a good suggestion. Usually we work around that by just lowering the volume of the game on the volume mixer in Windows, but it's probably wise to look into that as well should we want to expand to mobile apps.

Either way, thank you so much for taking your time to give us such a great comment and really helpful suggestions.

It's immensely appreciated!

Thank you for playing and for your amazing input!

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ah of course!!! :) i was really worried because i didn't want to come off as rude. i'm so glad my suggestions helped!!

i understand coding is not easy; i've tried my hand at ren'py and struggled quite a bit with that aha. i just figured some input might be helpful, and i'm glad to find that it was beneficial.

also yes rusty was SO cute :D

also i'm not sure if it is just my computer but i was unable to fast forward anything (meaning things i had already played, like common route stuff), nevermind skip, so that's what i was alluding to when i said i had to keep clicking through the routes that i had already played.

i tried pressing the ctrl key multiple times but it didn't work D: not sure if that's what you meant by fast-forwarding in your reply, but i just wanted to let you know.

anyways, thank you for the response!

you're very kind in your reply :)

Nah, it was really well put and really helpful, and right now, constructive criticism is incredibly welcome. owob

As for the fast forward thing, at the bottom right of the screen, there is like a little cog icon for the options.

If you click on it, you get a few options, where you can save the game, or load one, but also 'skip'. Though it basically fast forwards you through the events of the game up to the next option, unless you click.

And also, Tyranobuilder is way easier than Ren'py, especially considering I was a beginner. I super recommend it to you should you ever want to try your hand again XD

oh, lovely!! that really helps!

thank you so much for the help!! haha

and thank you for the recommendation! :)

good luck on future projects! :) 


Nice and cute little game!

The art is bright and colorful, it makes it seem happy.

Great job!

Thank you very much!

We really wanted to give it such a mood, so we're happy it worked!

Especially my partner in crime, who did the colors. XD

She's blushing at your sweet comment! <3

Thank you for playing and your sweet words!